New Wrightsville Beach-based Tackle Company Uses Cutting-Edge Technology and Decades of Experience to Develop Custom Offshore Lure Line

Local Wilmington businessman and entrepreneur Glenn Garrett has teamed up with Championship Fishing Captain Rick Croson to launch Sea Vixen Tackle Company. This startup was formed in response to the ever-evolving needs of the offshore fisherman and utilizes fresh, original designs and the most advanced technology available to produce a full line of custom lures. In addition to the merchandise, instruction and education will be offered with hands-on seminars and on-line guidance.

Based at Wrightsville Beach, NC, Sea Vixen’s manufacturing plant, or “Lure Lab” is located  a few miles inland at Murrayville Station. It’s here that the team brings Croson’s designs to life using American-made components and 3-D technology. Garrett and Croson and the rest of the Sea Vixen Team personally test each new lure on the water, take notes on performance and then head back to the lab for refining.  “It’s not enough to have just a “a day on the water”. That’s no fun.”, says Croson. “The real thrill is filling the boat with lots of large fish. Our lures do just that. They’re tried and tested and the proof of their effectiveness is in the photos of our catches”.

Garrett, who has been an avid fisherman for decades, met Croson in 2014 when he attended a Fisherman’s Post Fishing School where Rick was the instructor. “When I met Rick I recognized not only his expertise as an angler but also his attention to detail when it came to his tackle. As we became friends and fishing partners, I noticed that he was constantly tweaking and perfecting his tools to make them as effective as possible.We have had so many successful days on the water and, at times, have out-caught other boats by doubling and even tripling their fish count.”  Garrett and Croson soon decided to make Rick’s lures available to the public. “We want to share  Rick’s knowledge and have developed a whole philosophy and educational platform that, when coupled with our lures, will allow each and every fisherman to improve their performance and change their approach to fishing.”, says Garrett.

Although tackle, and specifically lures, are the present focus of the Sea Vixen brand, a Lecture Series will be offered in 2017.  A once a month offering, attendees will have hands-on instruction on-site at the Lure Lab with Croson and other renowned fishing experts.

Fishing related recreation is now a $41 billion industry with the average angler spending roughly $1200 per year. It’s estimated that approximately 11 million saltwater anglers embark on over 68 million fishing trips per year, generating $61 billion in sales and supporting nearly 440,000 US jobs. “We have found a way to take what we love and, hopefully, create a successful business that caters to other people who are passionate about the art of fishing. We want to change the industry for the better.”, says Garrett. In addition to the tackle line and lecture series, a Sea Vixen high performance apparel line is also in the works.