About Us

Our Story

The Sea Vixen team is made up of coastal dwellers who are passionate about the art of catching fish. And, thanks to plenty of time on the water testing and tweaking our product line, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Through these countless hours of research and development, we’ve come up with a super-effective system for successfully targeting game fish – big ones and plenty of  them! Using the very finest American-made components and cutting-edge technology we’ve developed the tools necessary for taking your fishing game to the highest level.  We recognize, however, that state-of-the art tackle design isn’t the only thing needed to maximize your time on the water. Sharing our proven techniques through online and in-person education is what sets us apart from our competitors. So let our Sea Vixen experts help you exceed your offshore goals, one big catch at a time.

A Day on the Boat

Check out the slideshow below for some sweet shots!