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Barb Buddy

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Barb Buddy
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Note: Photos for illustrative purposes only, and do not reflect your skirt colors, head color, or rigging selections.
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In Stock - Buy 2 for $35!
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Barb Buddy is an innovative way to organize, haul, and store your fishing rigs. Say goodbye to rusty hooks, stained lure finishes, and tangled, smelly fishing rigs. This convenient tackle storage system keeps every last one of your fishing rigs tangle-free, neatly organized, and ready to transport to the pier, beach, or boat.

Your Barb Buddy is a 2-part system. Using your own 3-6.5 gallon bucket, snap on the hard plastic ring fitted with holes to secure your lure hooks, then seal it with the soft rubber cover that keeps your rigs dry, helps your bucket float, and also doubles as a seat!

  • Barb Buddy fits on standard 3 gl. to 6.5 gl. buckets
  • Stops tangled rigs
  • Prevents rusty hooks
  • Easily clean all your rigs at once – Simply rinse and hang to dry
  • Safe storage system – Hook holes lock barbs into place so you can safely reach in
  • Convenient – Hold up to 60 hooks, from big game Ballyhoo, saltwater lures, and heavy rigs to small circle hooks for Billfish
  • Space efficient storage system – Easily hang up to 6 Barb Buddy rigging lids on the back of a door (up to 360 rigs)
  • Suitable for all types of fishing – Made from durable materials for use in deep sea, pier, inshore, or fresh water fishing
  • Head Length: N/A
  • Head Size: N/A
  • Lure Skirt Size: N/A
  • Skirted Lure Length: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Width: N/A
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