Welcome to our FAQs page where we answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive about our products, ordering process, and our company policies.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit or debit cards.

What are your shipping charges?

We only charge the actual shipping costs which are computed at checkout with each order.  Find out more >

Who do you use to ship?

We currently utilize USPS for all of our product shipments. We strive to offer the best price ad/or quickest option.

What is your refund policy?

Any product that has a material defect can be returned for either a full refund or exchange.

What if I’m not satisfied with my order?

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied! Please call customer service with any issues. We are here to help!

How do I rig my own lure?

Our lures are most effective when utilized properly so rigging is key to success. We will soon be offering online tutorials and “Lure Lab” sessions to share the knowledge we’ve gathered and help each of our customers reach their full potential while using our products. In the meantime, call us with specific questions!

Why is UV important?

Fish are inherently designed to gather more UV rays that humans. When a fish gets scared or excited they “glow”, naturally attracting their prey. Our lures are UV-infused to emit the same type of “glow” a live bait fish would in the water.

Do you offer a “Pro Staff” discount?

Yes! Once qualified, we offer a discount to all of our professional customers. Just contact us via email and we will send the forms to get the qualification process rolling.